The Best Apps for Your Phone: Our Picks for Top-Rated, Must-Have APPs

The Best Apps for Your Phone: Our Picks for Top-Rated, Must-Have APPs

The Best Apps for Your Phone at

Section 1: The best apps for your phone

These are the best paid and free apps we have found for your iPhone or iPad.

You should probably install every app that has an icon that looks like this:

If you have access to iTunes on your computer and it’s not taking up space, just download the app, and put it on your home screen, and start using it.

What we like about these apps:

Most of them have their own premium version that allows you to sign up for premium services like paid subscriptions to additional services.

These apps let you record, edit, and share videos with your friends.

They have a large number of professionally-made applications for creative professionals.

They allow you to manage your life offline and can be easily read without an internet connection.

Our picks for top-rated, must-have apps


AirDroid is a universal remote control that lets you control any web-connected device, while also receiving notifications on your mobile phone. You can also connect it to your computer so you can connect it to the laptop screen and use the keyboard as if you were in front of the computer. AirDroid is free to download, but there are in-app purchases for some functions.

Monetization: free / no ads / no IAPs

Have everything you need in one place with AirDroid. With AirDroid, you can connect and control any device with a web browser or mobile app. There is no more wandering around your computer trying to find the app that’s supposed to do something on your phone.


SuperKey is an application that you can use to create a password manager for your iPhone.


Your phone is your office and playroom now. You should make the most of your gadgets so that you can always go full steam ahead and push for promotion. If you’re passionate about your career, then you must constantly try new things. Sometimes, those experiments will be your big breakthroughs. When you find out how great your apps are, you’ll want to know what makes them better than the rest. The best way to get there is to dig deep into the app ecosystem and see what’s available for your favorite platform. Download the apps that come up and try them for a while before you make your final choice.

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